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HP Officejet 7110

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Setup Poster

To set up the printer, follow the instructions in

the poster provided.


The Readme file is available on the HP software CD provided with your printer. It provides information about system

requirements and updated information about setting up and using the printer.

● Windows: Insert the HP printer software CD into your computer, double-click the file named ReadMe.chm, and

then click the option for your language.

● OS X: Insert the HP printer software CD into your computer and open the Read Me folder. Click the Readme

button in your language.

● Windows


8: On the Start screen, right-click an empty area

on the screen, click

All Apps on the app bar, click the icon with the printer’s name, and then select Help.

● Mac OS X v10.6: Choose Mac Help from the Help menu. In the Help Viewer, click and hold the Home button, and

then choose the Help for your device.

● OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion: Choose Help Center from the Help menu. Click Help for all your apps (at

the bottom left of the Help viewer) and click the Help for your device.

Note: If you cannot find the user guide on your computer, visit

for information about

installing it.

Regulatory and compliance information for the European Union is available in the “Technical information”

section of the user guide (also called “Help”). Also, the Declaration of Conformity is available at


User Guide

The user guide (also called “Help”) will be copied to your

computer when you install the HP printer software.
This guide includes usage and troubleshooting information,

specifications, notices, and environmental, regulatory, and

support information, as well as links to online content.

● Windows XP



Windows Vista


, and



7: Click

Start, select Programs or All Programs, select HP, select

the folder for your HP printer, and then select


If your computer does not have a CD or DVD

drive, you can download the HP software from

HP’s support Web site (


If you are using a computer running Windows

and the installation program does not start

automatically, browse to the CD drive of the

computer, and double-click


Installing HP printer software

Want to print from your smart phone or tablet? Get one of HP’s

printing apps—apps that let you print your documents and photos

directly from your mobile device. For more information, visit

. (At

this time, this website might not be available in all languages.)

Printing from mobile devices