HP Officejet 7110 - HP software installation suggestions

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HP software installation suggestions

Hardware installation suggestions

Check the printer

Make sure that all packing tape and material have been removed from outside and inside the


Make sure that the printer is loaded with paper.

Make sure that no lights are on or blinking except the Power light, which should be on.

Check the hardware connections

Make sure that any cords and cables that you are using are in good working order.

Make sure that the power cord is connected securely to both the printer and to a working power


Check the ink cartridges

Make sure that all of the ink cartridges are firmly installed and aligned in their correct, color-

coded slot. A correctly installed ink cartridge should not move when pulled slightly. The printer

cannot work if all the ink cartridges are not installed.

HP software installation suggestions

Check the computer system

Make sure that your computer is running one of the supported operating systems.

Make sure that the computer meets at least the minimum system requirements.

In Windows Device Manager, make sure that the USB drivers have not been disabled.

If you are using a computer running Windows, and the computer cannot detect the printer, run

the uninstallation utility (util\ccc\uninstall.bat on the installation CD) to perform

a complete uninstallation of the printer driver. Restart your computer, and reinstall the printer


Verify installation preliminaries

Make sure to use the installation CD that contains the correct HP software for your operating


Before installing HP software, make sure that all other programs are closed.


Troubleshoot installation issues 79

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If the computer does not recognize the path to the CD-ROM drive that you type, make sure that

you are specifying the correct drive letter.

If the computer cannot recognize the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive, inspect the

installation CD for damage. You can download the printer driver from the HP website

www.hp.com/support. This website provides information and utilities that can help you correct

many common printer problems.

NOTE: After correcting any problems, run the installation program again.

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