HP Officejet 7110 - Solve wireless problems

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Solve wireless problems

Reset the Printer Network Settings

Solve Ethernet network problems

If you are unable to connect the printer to your Ethernet network, verify that:

Make sure the Wireless light on the printer does not turn on.

All cable connections to the computer and the printer are secure.

The network is operational and the network hub, switch, or router is turned on.

For computers running Windows, all applications, including virus protection programs, spyware

protection programs, and firewalls, are closed or disabled.

The printer is installed on the same subnet as the computers that use the printer.

If the installation program cannot discover the printer, print the network configuration page, and

enter the IP address manually in the installation program. For more information, see Understand

the network configuration page on page 83.

Reinstall the HP software. For more information, see Uninstall and reinstall the HP software

on page 88.

Assigning the printer with a static IP address might resolve some installation problems, such as a

conflict with a personal firewall. (Not recommended)

TIP: You can visit the HP online support website at www.hp.com/support for information and utilities

that can help you correct many common printer problems.

Solve wireless problems

This section provides information about solving problems you might encounter when connecting the

printer to your wireless network.

Follow these suggestions in order, starting with those listed in the “Basic wireless troubleshooting”

section. If you still encounter problems, follow the suggestions provided in the “Advanced wireless

troubleshooting” section.

Basic wireless troubleshooting

Advanced wireless troubleshooting

After resolving the problems

TIP: For more information about troubleshooting wireless problems, visit www.hp.com/go/



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NOTE: After you resolve the problem, follow the instructions in After resolving the problems

on page 78.