HP Officejet 7110 - Solution 4: Check the paper type

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Solution 4: Check the paper type

The wrong kind of paper was loaded in the input tray.

HP recommends that you use HP papers or any other paper type with ColorLok technology that is

appropriate for the printer. All papers with the ColorLok logo are independently tested to meet high

standards of reliability and print quality, and produce documents with crisp, vivid color, bolder blacks

and dry faster than ordinary plain papers.

Always make sure the paper you are printing on is flat. For best results when printing images, use

HP Advanced Photo Paper.

Store specialty paper in its original packaging inside a resealable plastic bag on a flat surface in a

cool, dry place. When you are ready to print, remove only the paper you plan to use immediately.

When you have finished printing, return any unused photo paper to the plastic bag. This prevents the

photo paper from curling.

NOTE: For this issue, there is not a problem with your ink supplies. Therefore, replacing the ink

cartridges is not necessary.

For more information, see:

Select print paper on page 8

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