HP Officejet 7110 - General troubleshooting tips and resources

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General troubleshooting tips and resources

NOTE: Many of the following steps require HP software. If you did not install the HP software, you

can install it using the HP software CD included with the printer, or download the HP software from

the HP support website, www.hp.com/support. This website provides information and utilities that can

help you correct many common printer problems.

Check or do the following before you begin troubleshooting:

Try turning the printer off and then on again.

For a paper jam, see Clear jams on page 90.

For paper-feed problems, such as the paper skew and paper pick, see Solve paper-feed

problems on page 64.

Power light is on and not blinking. When the printer is turned on for the first time, it takes

approximately 9 minutes to initialize it after the ink cartridges are installed.

Power cord and other cables are working, and are firmly connected to the printer. Make sure the

printer is connected firmly to a functioning alternating current (AC) power outlet, and is turned

on. For voltage requirements, see Electrical specifications on page 111.

Media is loaded correctly in the input tray and is not jammed in the printer.

All packing tapes and materials are removed.

The printer is set as the current or default printer. For Windows, set it as the default in the

Printers folder. For Mac OS X, set it as the default in the Print & Fax or Print & Scan section of

the System Preferences. See your computer's documentation for more information.

Pause Printing is not selected if you are using a computer running Windows.

You are not running too many programs when you are performing a task. Close programs that

you are not using or restart the computer before attempting the task again.


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