HP Officejet 7110 - Turn the wireless radio on and off

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Turn the wireless radio on and off

View and print network settings

You can display a summary of the network settings on the HP software that came with the printer.

You can print a more detailed network configuration page, which lists all of the important network

settings such as the IP address, link speed, DNS, and mDNS. For more information, see Understand

the network configuration page on page 83.

Turn the wireless radio on and off

The wireless radio is on by default, as indicated by the blue light on the front of the printer. To stay

connected to a wireless network, the radio must stay on. However, if your printer is connected to

an Ethernet network or you have a USB connection, the radio is not used. In this case you might want

to turn the radio off. To turn the wireless radio off, press and hold the (Wireless) button until the

light goes off.

140 Appendix C Network setup