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HP ePrint

HP ePrint is a free service from HP that allows you to print to your HP ePrint-enabled printer

anywhere you can send an email. Just send your documents and photos to the email address

assigned to your printer when you enable Web Services. No additional drivers or software are


Once you have signed up for an account on ePrintCenter (www.eprintcenter.com), you can sign in to

view your HP ePrint job status, manage your HP ePrint printer queue, control who can use your

printer's HP ePrint email address to print, and get help for HP ePrint.

NOTE: To use HP ePrint, the printer must be connected to an active network providing Internet

access. You cannot use these web features if the printer is connected using a USB cable.

This section contains the following topics:

Set up HP ePrint

Use HP ePrint

Remove Web Services

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