HP Officejet 7110 - Update the printer

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Update the printer

HP is always working to improve the performance of its printers and bring you the latest features. If

the printer is connected to a network and Web Services has been enabled, you can check for and

install printer updates.

To update the printer, complete the following steps:


Open the EWS. For more information, see Embedded web server on page 155.


Click the Web Services tab.


In the Web Services Settings section, click Product Update, click Check Now, and follow the on-

screen instructions.


If the printer update option is not available, follow these instructions:


In the Web Services Settings section, click Setup, click Continue, and follow the on-screen



If prompted, choose to allow the printer to check for and install printer updates.

NOTE: If a printer update is available, the printer downloads and installs the update, and then


NOTE: If prompted for proxy settings and if your network uses proxy settings, follow the on-

screen instructions to set up a proxy server. If you do not have the details, contact your network

administrator or the person who set up the network.


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